Monday, October 27, 2008

Photo Gallery...

Mom's Day...
~April 28, 2010~

Colin, Laney, and Max

Benjamin, Mili, and Jason

Bruno and Jazmin
Hailie and Zachary

Dominic, Evelyn, and Oscar

Alexis and Maybelin

Brandon and Litcy

The refreshments and decorations...don't you just love the portraits of all the moms?!?!

Our boys giving their best "GQ pose"

The girls giving their model poses :)

INK Field Trip...
~March 2010~
Listening to the directions before the fun begins...
Having a snack to "fuel up!"
We made a butterfly craft in the "Arts and Crafts" Room
Bruno showing off his many talents on stage...
...and the uber talented and oh, so stylish Maybelin!

Colin hard at work preparing a pizza
Memorable Chaperones :)
Our 2009 - 2010 Kindergarten Class...
Now that's more like it!
Could we have some future teachers in our midst?
Or maybe some farmers?
The playground was a popular attraction ;0)
Only the young and innocent would want to weigh themselves in public! haha!
Evelyn was busy all morning taking appointments at the salon...
Benjamin got a little TLC to help him recover from his bloody nose.
Oscar worked hard to find everything on his list at the store!
What a great Field Trip!!!

Dental Health Month...

~February 2010~
"Have you lost a tooth?"

NOT YET...I'm still waiting...

Dad's Day...
~January 22, 2010~

Jason started the Disco off with a little "Break-dancing"....

Disco Fever!!

Everybody loves the "Tooty-Ta!"

Colin was thinking about his next move...

The Dads and Dudes trying to figure out which picture looked like them...

Jazmin and her Daddy

We even had time to share some of the wonderful writing in our journals!

Followed by donuts...

....and Chocolate Milk!

We made great memories with Dad (and other family members, too!)

White Sight Word Party...
~December 5, 2009~

Shaving Cream....YES!!!

Don't worry's washable!
Hard at work writing those "white words" in shaving cream - what fun!
Cotton ball races take SERIOUS concentration!

Officer Eric...Our Special Guest Reader
~November 11th~ 

He read, "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie..."

Looking Tough!

Thank you, Officer Eric!!

Making "trioramas" to map out our bedrooms...
~October 26th~

Red-Ribbon Week...October 26th ~ October 30th
"Shade out Drugs!"

Homecoming Pep Rally...
~October 16th~
Max and Oscar

All the girls...

Dominic and Zach

Colin, our "All-Star"

The Tough Guys...

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