Sunday, May 16, 2010

Fun Run....

When looking through my photos that I had saved on my computer, I found some pictures from our Fun Run in February and thought I would post them ....Better late than never, right?!  Thanks again for all the pledges that were collected.  Because of your hard work and generosity, our class raised over $700 for BES - WOW!!!!  I hope these pictures bring back fond memories of our Fun Run...ENJOY! :)

Mrs. Tippins' Perfect Tens :0)

Gearing up for the Big Race....

Go Maybelin and Colin!!

Run Zach, Run!

Don't Give Up, Oscar!!

Slow and Steady wins the race, right Jazmin???

The "Water Tent" was a popular hangout...

Look at all the laps Benjamin ran!

We even had "fans" watching from the rooftop!

Nothing like a Popsicle after a long, hard race

We love the Fun Run!!!

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